WLT’s mission is to foster and promote the presence of women in the highest corporate governance bodies in tourism, a presence that should be in accordance with the quantity and quality of female employment in the sector.


1. Collaboration

To involve all stakeholders in engaging in permanent dialogue with public institutions, companies, and civil society in order to foster inclusive policies and practices with the ultimate goal of increasing female presence on boards of directors and decision-making bodies.

2. Leadership

To advance measures that will foster women’s leadership in tourism, improve employment quality and the professional development of women managers in the sector.

3. Visibility

To develop the use of an articulate discourse in the media that will generate social awareness and promote access of women to posts of the highest responsibility.

4. Sustainability and Innovation

To enhance diversity and inclusion as drivers of sustainability in the sector by means of the deployment of management models and innovative strategies committed to the sustainable development goals of the 2030 Agenda.

5. Development and Training

To develop, advice, promote and train women so that they become experts in leadership (academia /mentoring).

6. Influencing and role modeling

To come to be recognized as a role model for the sector and an example for women.